Donation Sites on DonorMarket

Donation sites can be as basic or as complex as you would like them to be; the site is ready in a matter of minutes!  NOTE: all donations are made to DonorMarket "restricted for the use of your organization".  Your donors will see "DMkt 888-900-DMKT" on their receipt and credit card statement.

 your logo, your background, your Brand even through to the payment page along with DonorMarket's logo

 your giving levels or ranges

 you decide if you want pledging capability on your donation site

 secure site for credit card payment/donation merchant card for V, MC, Discover and AMEX

 24/7/365 administrative access for site maintenance, site usage and CSV registrant and financial reports

 24/7/365 administrative access for reconciliation reports     

 easy integration with any donor/membership software  

 easy integration with any mass email solution

 your clients can debit their bank account instead of using a credit card through your merchant account

Donation Site Demo click here

"Everything" Site Demo click here

No matter how basic or complex, there is no difference in cost to you4% V/MC/D or 4.5% Amex.  period.  No setup fee ever.

Your email address is required so we can send your transaction confirmation. You will never receive spam (unsolicited email) from DonorMarket.  Here's our privacy policy.

As community groups create collaborate on the online experience and capability, you should contact DonorMarket for license possibilities and co-branding opportunities.  DonorMarket has made a major investment in the infrastructure of the capability using over 20 years experience in the field; why reinvent the wheel?

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