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DonorMarket is here to help YOU gain as much from your donation as you can.  When someone gives you a donation, you have the best opportunity to gather as much information about them and why they consider you to be worthy of their philanthropic dollar.  Don't let this opportunity get away!

But wait - you can do this with PayPal.  But how about Registration for Conferences?  Or Merchandise Sales?  Silent Auction Checkout?  Surveys?  Membership Dues?  DonorMarket does SO much more!

DonorMarket, itself, is a nonprofit whose mission is to support nonprofits online.

DonorMarket has funds to cover the credit card fees so our nonprofits receive 100% of the donation!

****See DMkt 888-900-3658 on your credit card statement?  Click here to see our clients.  Also, look for an email on the date of the transaction from  Don't see the email?  Check your spam folder.  Inquiries and chargebacks cost our clients $25 - please don't do that to them.  Add to your whitelist/accepted emails.

The DonorMarket Mission:

DonorMarket is committed to a low-cost simplified service providing nonprofits the ability to offer secure online donations, memberships and event registration reporting with credit card capability for the benefit of their constituents and mission.

Please also note our Privacy Policy our Refund Policy, and our Terms of Use which are intended to protect your user!

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